Tips Top Increase Protein Synthesis and Muscle Growth


When there is proper protein synthesis especially in the muscles, one increases in both size and weight. It makes a person to grow bigger, increase in mass and becomes stronger. The strength comes as a result of complete synthesis of the proteins consumed in the body. An important factor to put into consideration when one wants to increase their body mass and strength is to maximize protein synthesis.

Protein Synthesis

Muscle protein Synthesis is the process of rebuilding the muscles tissues. It occurs when the body is put under stress. The body stress may be put by either repairing an existing injury or causing a new injury to it where there was none before. This makes the body to start the process of synthesizing muscle protein because it is under stress.

One method of putting the body under stress is to perform exercises. During exercise the body immediately starts to repair the muscles. This triggers the process of protein synthesis on the muscle which is under stress.

The following are the tips that are used to help increase the rate of protein synthesis in the body. Once the protein has been synthesized the muscles automatically grow. Muscle protein synthesis is the process while growth of muscle is the result of the process. Grab your daily dose of protein with a quest nutrition coupon code here!

  • Exercise

Taking exercises at the gym will help to expose the body to muscle growth. When one takes their bodies to the gym, the body is allowed to go through stress under a professional. When the body is under stress, the proteins in the muscle that is put under stress start to grow. This happens almost instantly. For example when one does weight lifting of heavy loads at different positions, the muscles are put under stress that they cannot bear. The muscles respond by adding more strength to be able to accommodate the new stress that it is experiencing. It does this by synthesizing the proteins and increase the size of muscles. This leads to muscle growth.

  • Insulin surge

Insulin is a necessity in many metabolic functions in the body. One of these is the process of synthesizing proteins. Therefore the presence of more insulin is an advantage to protein synthesis. Before an individual goes for the much needed work outs he can take drinks which have glucose added to them. This drink can also be taken after the work outs. The drink which has glucose is able to spike a surge of insulin. When glucose is taken in the body as a drink, it is instantly converted to insulin which helps in the process of protein synthesizing and the end result is the growth of muscles. Drinks are easily absorbed by the body cells because they don’t go through digestion.

  • Amino Acids

Add the Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) to the work out drinks. This type of amino acid bypasses the liver and is therefore readily used by the cells of the muscles. The Branch Chained Amino Acid is a requirement in the recovery of the stressed protein muscles. Crazy bulk is one of the only supplements online that provide the full spectrum of BCAA’s that you need for advanced muscle growth. You can read a review of crazy bulk here.