Every London commuter should be riding this bicycle

ChangeDF-611MB-1-600x407Unlike all the other folding bicycles that need to be carried all the time, the Change DF-702 is a bike that can roll, that can be carried, and that can stand on its own even when it’s folded. This is great news for all the people that get tired of carrying their fold up bikes around. Also, the folding system on this bike has been internationally patented, so you don’t have to worry about anything there. Check out https://changebike.co.uk for more info.

Another reason why you ought to get this bike is the fact that its components are made by Shimano, and that they truly are high quality. You don’t have to worry about them breaking down, because that rarely happens. And while we’re on the subject of components, we ought to mention that this bike has 700c wheels, that are just perfect for long rides. Also, the frame on this bike is really strong and durable, and it will please you to know that it has passed a European road bike frame test EN 14781, which means that it is completely safe.

Most people believe that you need tools to fold bikes, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. You need absolutely no tools to fold this bicycle up, and pretty much everyone can do it. Also, when folded, this bike can be carried around, because it does not weigh much – around 10 kg. Another great thing about it is the fact that it is flexible, which means that riding it won’t be something of a chore for you, it will be a pure pleasure.
So, what did we learn about this folding bicycle. ChangeDF-611MB-folding-1-180x120Well, the Change DF-702 is a great bike that has passes all the necessary tests, and that is completely safe. Also, when folded, it doesn’t weigh much, and it can be carried anywhere (but can also be rolled), and you don’t need any tools to fold it up. All the components are first grade, made by well respected companies, which basically means that you won’t have any trouble with this bicycle. It is great for long rides, it is perfect for short rides. All in all, this is a bicycle that every London commuter ought to have.