Pregnancy and chiropractic

downloadA lot of women start feeling pains during their pregnancy, and some of them just don’t know how to get rid of them. Be they back pains, leg pains, feet pains, or just plain old headaches, they do occur a lot during the pregnancy, and some women feel as if they’d do anything just to fix them. Lately, more and more women have started turning to chiropractics to help them with their pain, and most of them say that it is working. But, how safe is it to go to a chiropractor during pregnancy? Well, that’s what we set out to figure out.

First of all, let’s say a thing or two about chiropractic and what it does. Well, it is a type of a bodily adjustment performed by a licensed chiropractor, that fixes your body and gets rid of physical pains and tension you’re feeling. Lately, more and more people have started visiting them, because it was proven that this can actually make you feel better and alleviate the tension you’re feeling due to stress or any other un comfort.

But, let’s get back to the issue of pregnancy and chiropractic – should pregnant women visit chiropractors to help them with their problems. Well, in order to get an answer to this, we traveled all the way to Mandan, North Dakota in order to meet up with a mandan chiropractor. And amazingly enough, his assistant is 15 weeks pregnant, so this is probably the best person we could talk to about this issue.

This chiropractor says that a lot of women visit chiropractors, and most of them do it about once or twice a month. He says that these women feel great after their adjustment, and some of them even visit this chiropractor by the order of their doctor! Another reason to why some women come to a chiropractor is to get pregnant! Yeah, that’s right, this chiropractor has said to us that they come in about three times a week for six months, and after that, most of them are able to conceive! This chiropractor believes that this has to do with the adjustment made to their spine, or more precisely, to their thoracic region nine which tends to pinch the nerve supplies that travel to the reproductive organs.

download (1)Some women also come to a chiropractor after pregnancy, because they just feel exhausted. They need someone to help them with this, and chiropractic is the best tool for this. Also, some women suffer from depression after giving birth, and chiropractic can make them feel better, both mentally and physically, according to this chiropractor.

So, after listening to what this chiropractor has to say, we believe that it is fair to assume that visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy is completely safe; and not only that – this visit could actually help you get pregnant, and help with the post-partum depression. Therefore, visiting a chiropractor is great before, during, and after the pregnancy, and if you’ve ever wondered about this, you now know the answer.